Why would a Baptist pastor stop baptizing? Being a Baptist how could he? What could cause him to do it? If he did do this, would it be possible to continue as the pastor at his church? This is a true story. Read what happened. How could these things take place? What can be learned from this story?

In this 58 page book, Pastor Art Sims explains that it was in the 10th year of his pastoral work that a crisis arose resulting in water baptism being discontinued in his ministry.


Throughout his ministry Arthur’s desire has been to understand and abide by the teachings of Scripture.  Whether agreeing or disagreeing with the thoughts and actions of this pastor, his esteem for the Bible is evident in this story.

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Why do Christians talk about being "saved?"  What does it mean to be saved?  Saved from what? Here is a book that clarifies in plain words what is taught in the Bible about salvation.  Why has God made salvation the way it is?  Why do people need to be saved?  How can someone be saved and sure of it?
The author of this book, Pastor Art Sims has served as a Bible teaching pastor more than 50 years.  In these pages he displays and explains answers about salvation directly from the Bible in a clear and understanding manner so that individuals who are willing to believe the Scriptures can grasp and appreciate this vital subject and enjoy the assurance and peace this understanding brings.

In this 50 page book, "Distinctions That Matter" Pastor Arthur T. Sims presents a simple but thorough study of basic Dispensational truth.